Radiation must haves!

After chemotherapy, a fellow survivor told me that radiation was "easy peasy" after what I had just been through. That's just what I needed to hear! I had a bilateral mastectomy & 4 rounds of dose dense AC followed by 12 weekly Taxols. I chose the weekly Taxol because there is evidence that side effects (namely neuropathy) are reduced using this regime. That turned out to be quite true! However, if neuropathy develops, I have heard of women putting their feet and hands in ice water to reduce Taxol perfusion to those areas!!

Anyway, during radiation, it was imperative that I protect my skin for subsequent reconstruction. Therefore, I had to prepare and was glad that I did.

I was facing 28 daily treatments of radiation and worried about my sensitive skin. In addition to using plenty of lotion, I ordered a Lindi skin cooler roll. In fact, I left the gel covering on my skin as long as it would stay on following each treatment. It made a huge difference and felt wonderful! My skin did turn red and a little raw but this went away very soon after I completed treatment. My plastic surgeon still comments on how great my skin looked following radiation and I was even a good candidate for implants (as opposed to a flap-reconstruction) as a result!!

Make sure to listen to the recommendations of your radiation oncologist and do not apply lotions prior to radiation.

Please also see the study from Northwestern:


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