New Genetic Information on the Horizon for Breast Cancer Patients and Families

The OncoArray Consortium, which comprises 550 researchers from over 300 organization and 6 continents evaluated 275,000 women of which 146,000 already had breast cancer, is gathering both genetic and epidemiological data related to breast cancer risk. A new study published in Nature and Nature Genetics have discovered 72 new genetic variants, 7 of which tend to predispose women to estrogen-receptor negative breast cancer.

Most of these variants were detected in regions of the genome that regulate the activity of neighboring genes and not within the genes themselves. This new data will very likely affect how and when women are screened for breast cancer in the very near future. Please see for more information..

#geneticrisksforbreastcancer #triplenegativebreastcancer #geneticvariantsinbreastcancer


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