Isoflavones May Help Fight TNBC!

Have you ever wondered if soy was good for you or even safe? About a half cup of soybeans contain 9g of protein, 4g of fiber, iron, and many other nutrients. So, it is positioned to be an excellent substitute for meat and dairy. A large study out of the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University provides good support for natural soy consumption and mortality reduction especially in TNBC survivors. Over 6,000 American and Canadian women answered questionnaires about their soy intake during a median time of 9.4 years and those who consumed the highest amount of soy daily (over 1.5 mg or the equivalent of a few dried soybeans) experienced a 21% reduction in all cause mortality. The benefits were strongest for women with tumors who lacked estrogen or progesterone receptors. There was also a smaller but significant benefit in women with receptor positive tumors who were not receiving endocrine therapy. While the researchers tried to control for confounding factors, there was a strong association between soy intake and physical activity, younger age, Asian heritage, education, normal body weight, never smokers, and non-drinkers of alcohol. They also noted that women tend to underestimate what they consume in questionnaires. Nonetheless, this is very promising and, at the very least, makes soy an attractive alternative to meat. Of interest, the methionine content in a cup of soybeans is roughly 497mg. However, only a fraction is needed to reap the benefits of soy. Isoflavone content in descending order: dry roasted soybeans (41.6mg/oz), soft Tofu (19.2mg/3 oz), Tofu yogurt (21.3mg/1/2 cup), and low-fat soy milk (6.2mg/cup). See the website for Oregon State for more. Also see my post on methionine deprivation and cancer.

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