Post-Chemo Hair Hopes

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Oh how long it took me to realize that I didn't have to keep getting haircuts to make it through the awkward stages of #postchemotherapy? Once my hair finally grew several inches, leaving me with a nice #pageboy doo, I had to do something! So, my hairdresser recommended tape on hair extensions. The effects were both amazing and liberating on so many levels! I couldn’t believe the difference! It never occurred to me that #extensions could be added to the sides of my head, creating an instant finished look.

In the photo above, I have about 5 tapes on the sides only.

Extensions can be washed, dried, and curled. In fact, if carefully used, extensions can protect your own hair from the effects of styling. They can even be used to add highlights if well-placed. With the added benefit of waking up in the morning with my hair looking relatively nice, I was truly freed from the daily ordeal of trying to fix my awkward grow out.

We took it a step further this summer and tried on a weave. I am sorry to say that they were not what I was hoping they would be. My hairdresser had been trying to convince me of how great they are but after a 4 hour hair appointment and $700, I wasn’t exactly happy. Weaves are heavy and on top of that, I didn’t like the quality of mine.

We let my hair rest a little once the weave was removed and another hairdresser mentioned #cliponextensions.

Out of curiosity, I ordered a few boxes. They were pretty easy to clip in and I actually wore them out. I would definitely recommend giving them a try once your hair is long enough to hide the clips. I made sure to order a brand with narrow strips so that I had greater control over where to fill in.

Two different sets of clip-ons. I chose the cooler color for my last event.

Here’s the back with nothing added.

One layer

2 layers

And, finally with two smaller strips on the sides.


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