Oct 25, 2017

Matcha Chocolate Fix


I just discovered this! While trying to avoid sweets, I really wanted to find a way to enjoy a taste of chocolate, so I added a Tbsp of Hershey's cocoa to my match tea with a splash of unsweetened vanilla soy milk. I ended up with a wonderful hot chocolate! Total fat about 2G or less, sugar content less than 3G!

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  • This controversial diet is centred around low carbohydrate intake (< 20g/d) and getting most calories (70%) from fat and the remainder from protein. The diet is gaining popularity in the media and with many physicians for its effects on insulin, IGF-1, and the immune system. I've been on this diet for a few months now and fasting for 72 hours around the time of chemotherapy doses (which was nasty on weekly chemo!). Has anyone else out there been looking at this diet or fasting/fasting mimicking diet as a way of helping the immune system boost its activity against cancer cells? Certainly more studies are needed, but the logic makes sense to me: starving cancer cells of sugar puts them into a different metabolic pattern, where they may be more susceptible to chemo and the immune system.
  • It's hard to say. There was a recent study demonstating effectiveness for women taking Tamoxifen. However, TNBC is much different. Coffee is also relatively high in cystine. Cystine deprivation has caused TNBC cell death in the laboratory setting. Check out: Blocking Key Nutrient May Treat Aggressive Form of Breast Cancer, Study Suggests . Most meats and some fish have relatively high levels of cystine.
  • Here's a big one, a 15 year follow-up of the WHI found that women with TNBC lived 54% longer on a low-fat diet. The problem is that they were on an extremely low-fat diet of only 20% of daily calories. One tablespoon of olive oil has 14g of fat, nearly half of my daily allowance. I would like to get more information on the diets of these women and will post it when I find it. Please see my blog on this for more detailed information.
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